I’ve got a friend, 

We go way back, Fear and I.

Always reminding me that no matter 

What,  it isn’t worth it to try. 

Everytime I start to see the light, 

he comes down with his midnight cloak,

pushing me down, and wrapping me tight. 

It is he who reminds me that I will never win, 

It is he who whispers that no matter what I say, nobody will listen.

For years Fear and I have sat watching the world pass by,

I have so many dreams, so many goals, but he advised me not to try. 

Well, Fear, I have a few things to say to you,

You are not my friend, never were, and whatever we had is through.

I have so many dreams and it’s never too late to start.

Now that you are gone, I have so much more room in my heart.

Room to love, room to try, room to dream, room to cry.

I have broken you down, and kicked you out the door, 

no more shame, no more guilt, I know that I am more. 

Just wait, you monster called Fear,

Wait til you see who I am without you 

I am strong, I have dreams, I have talents, and I  will succeed. 


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