Poem. Young love, young heartbreak. 

This is a poem I wrote about an ex in 2011. Just came across it and thought I would share since I have not written anything in some time. 

Enjoy the heartbreak of young love. And the atrocious formatting of a girl who drank a little too much wine.  Any formatting tips would be much appreciated. Its been a while since I wrote poetry. Bahaha! (By the way my fiance is sitting here rolling his eyes. He loves me)

Inevitable Goodbye (2011)

I sit here and think of you,

Think of me, think of us.

The thought of letting go of you, whom I love so much is torturous.

Just writing this, my hand is shaking, my head is whirling, my heart is aching.

I keep asking myself why this hurts so much more than anything my heart has been through before.

 The line between what I know is best for me and what my heart wants is quickly becoming a blur.

My thoughts are like a NASCAR race; round and round in circles. Even if you win, you end up where you started in the first place.

I fear that not being with you will bring me back to where I was before. 

You made me feel like I hadn’t and so long.

 Happy. Alive. 

 I had so much to be grateful for.

Will I get back to me? Me without you?

Yesterday I saw you for the first time since we decided to split. I wondered how two so different people could lay in each other’s arms, such a perfect fit.

We both know a future for us just cannot be yet we go ahead and kiss so passionately.

 No matter how we melted into eachother in the dark of the night, no matter how much I want to stay here, holding you tight, 

In the morning all will be as it should. You go your way, I’ll go mine.  I will find the strength I never thought I could. 

I hope you find everything your soul is searching for, and so much more. As for me, I am already out that door. 


Finding my Niche

I recently have come across a lot of great information about freelance writing. I have never been a 9 to 5 type of person. I have always had a passion for writing, but for years had given up on it. I thought professional writers, aside from the few that make is famous, were usually unsuccessful.  I have found that while it is not easy by any means, I  believe that with the growing demand for online writing, blogs, and forward thinkers, this is probably the best time to get into writing for a living. 

I would immensely appreciate any advice on this topic. I am hoping to start networking with some freelance writers to get some thoughts, constructive criticism,  etc. I plan on going back to school to brush up on my writing techniques and earn a degree. I also need to find a niche,  or a few.

My three favorite topics to write about are parenting, natural remedies/essential oils, and life/self-help. I plan to post a few articles on each over the next few weeks and hopefully I will get some feedback from fellow writers. Happy Monday!